Monday, April 18, 2011

Once more into the breach

Okay, so I’ve done a trial upload of the book - all 340 pages of it [340 MS Word pages that is]. So far so good; with one or two minor exceptions. For some reason the preview [again with the preview! - A Pox On All Previews I say!] shifts the top line of each page to the left [Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s left handed like me]. Also, the html that is generated automatically by the process feels the need to add a single dash after chapter headings, like this:

Chapter 1

Eh? What gremlin floats behind the preview window?

Neither of these issues shows up in either my original HILL 170.doc nor the html I export from Word. So sure, I’m a bit stumped. But I will move forward! As I checked the preview I found myself getting hooked by the story again - and I’ve already read it at least thirty times! So this baby has got to get out to the reading public. And soon. Summer is coming and in June I have to start piecing together my next novel.

Two more steps to go - copyright and a cool cover. A possible third step would be uncovering an effective anti-Preview-gremlin voodoo spell….

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