Saturday, April 30, 2011

1st novel - on Amazon!

Well, it’s official! My 1st novel is now for sale at Amazon! Woo-hoo!

HILL 170 on Amazon click here

It almost doesn't seem real but finally, after years of writing, re-writing, researching, editing and blood sweat and tears my book is actually available for everyone to read. I’m very excited and [I say this with true humility] proud that I was able to do it. I am very grateful for the new technologies that have shifted the world of book publishing into this much sleeker form which allows someone like me - someone who does not live in New York, does not have friends or relatives in New York publishing and has not written a vampire-laden story about New York, someone who has written [what I think is] a great and gripping story with characters readers can care about and associate with - to make this story available for anyone to read, and make it incredibly affordable. In many places $3 is not enough for the bus/subway/train… people would take just to get to the library to borrow the book.

Very exciting.


  1. Congratulations from a former Skivvy Niner!

  2. Thanks Pretty Things. Great to hear from you!

    When you read the book see if you don't recognize one or two of the disguised Songtan establishments. Also, let me know if I got the feel of the 'ville' (well, from the mid-80s that is. Ha, I don't suspect it is greatly changed 30 years later!)

    btw, all of the characters are amalgamations of people I knew while at Skivvy. Some of them might be familiar to you ;p