Monday, April 11, 2011

Okay, here we go!

My first blog [or would blog post be more accurate?] Years down the road I, and hopefully my fans, will look back at this page and think "Wow! That's where it all started. Ah such humble beginnings. Ah, such amateur blogging!"

Hello and thanks for stopping by. As the blog name suggests I am a novelist. I am about to launch my debut novel HILL 170 - a true page-turner of an espionage thriller.

When a USAF intel operative 'liberates' China's next-gen missile engine, he sets off a string of events that threaten to take down Hill 170, American intel's eyes and ears in Northeast Asia. Sergeant Dodge Bryce is the natural born star of Hill 170 and USAF intelligence on the South Korean peninsula. His remarkable string of intel discoveries has helped America greatly, and cost the PRC dearly. Han, a masterful Chinese assassin deployed in the nearby 'ville' of Songtan, has been chomping at the bit to push the US out of Asia. Bryce's actions give Han his ultimate green light.

Once I figure out how to do it I will link to an excerpt. [done]

People have asked me what other novelists I might compare with. So far I've heard Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, Dale Brown. But I've also had someone once say I look like Kevin Costner [!?!? We wouldn't even pass for distant cousins thrice removed!], so I take comments with a grain of salt. My influences and the greats that I aspire to are Michael Crichton [particularly mid-career] and James Clavell, among others. After reading some [then all] of HILL 170 hopefully some of you can share your comparisons. I see that as a great way for me to discover authors as well.

The novel is complete. It's been read, proofread, re-read, edited, re-edited...the bun is ready to come out of the oven. As far as getting HILL 170 ready for sale and in your hands I still have a few things to figure out - such as setting up and testing proper formatting for the nook and kindle [initially]; the best method[s] for getting the word out that it's available, and learning how to get it into a wide variety of ebookstores. Oh, and of course make a great cover! I am always open to helpful comments/tips on these items; interaction with readers is one of the great things about epublishing.

If the excerpt gets you hooked come back weekly for updates on my progress for uploading my novel. If you love the novel please tell your friends and link to this page.

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