Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Tour!

Time really does fly when you publish a [great] novel. I've been too busy to blog because I've been gearing up for something exciting. A little something called a BOOK TOUR!

3 weeks, 15 stops. This is going to be fun:

Sept 26th
Sept 27th
Review/ Giveaway
Sept 28th
Review// giveaway
Sept 29th
Feature/ Giveaway
Sept 30th
Interview/ Giveaway

Oct 3rd
Interview/ Giveaway
Oct 4th
Review, giveaway, Guest post
Oct 5th
Review/ Giveaway/ Interview
Oct 6th
Review, Giveaway
Oct 7th
Feature/ Giveaway

Oct. 10th
review, giveaway
Oct. 11th
Feature,  Giveaway
Oct 12th
Review/ Giveaway
Oct 13rd
Guest post and contest
Oct 14th
Guest post/ giveaway

So come along and join in the excitement. And don't forget to enter the FREE KINDLE drawing!

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